Photography was not something that piqued my interest as kid. Lol. I was focused on sports- never really caring for the other arts and, in this case, photography. 

I was a competitive swimmer for seven years, on track to swim for a Division 1 college team, when I hurt my back at the beginning of junior year. The injury was career-ending, and I became lost. Swimming was my identity, confidence, family, love. I was thrust into a world of loss and confusion, but it was this world that allowed me to learn things about myself and pursue other things I was good at. 

My camera was a gift that not only commemorated my graduation, but also my peace with losing a huge part of myself and moving on. Frustratingly, the camera was as foreign to me as swimming was when I was nine years old. However, it gifted me with interactions found nowhere else.  The giggles, sudden bursts of confidence, silences, and playful moments clients give me in front of the camera remind me of the importance of what I’m doing. While capturing each present moment, I’m growing a little more from behind the camera- away from my very first loss and towards embracing who I am now. 

Aside from photography, I enjoy annoying my family, working out, and going on a good deal of traveling (Thailand will forever be my favorite country to visit!!!). I am also a Nursing student at the University of Texas at Austin!
Left Photo by Macy Hartman Photography

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